All orders are either handpicked by our customers in our 500m2 warehouse or by our specialized picking team and shown to you on a video call.  

All of our stock is divided into different categories and is hanging on organized racks to make it easy for our customers to browse through. Once a selection is made we will weigh the stock and calculate the total price. You can take the stock with you or if requested we ship worldwide.   

What are the benefits of buying handpicked vintage?  

  • Saving on storage space 
  • No overstocking on items/categories you do not require. 
  • The ability to buy many different categories in smaller quantities and have a more complete assortment on offer in your shop.  
  • Saving time on sorting stock and having to move unwanted stock.  
  • The possibility to offer high quality stock and reduce defect rates (washing/repairing).  
  • Quicker turnover rate of your stock as you can pick exactly what your customers request. 

The success and look of your business is all in your own hands when handpicking. Book an appointment and come pick the best collection for your shop!